Derbyshire Gritstone



Derbyshire Gritstone

One of the oldest native sheep breeds in the Uk, the breed originated around 1770 in the Peak District in Derbyshire, it is a rare breed classed as being "at risk" on the rare breeds survival trust's watchlist.

It is a sturdy, hornless hill breed of sheep, with good mothering ability, it is larger than most of the other Hill breeds, it thrives in the rugged environment of the Peak District.

The Derbyshire Gritstone produces a dense fleece which is one of the finest of all the hill breeds, weighing between 2 -3kgs with a staple length of 8 - 10cms, the best fleeces being free from kemp.

In years gone by it's fleece was used in the production of hosiery, being both soft and strong.




Curlew 4 ply

Curlew 4 ply is a blend of 95% Derbyshire Gritstone fleece and 5% Black Shetand fleece, which gives it a lovely natural oatmeal colour. 

The Derbyshire Gritstone fleece was sourced from a friends farm in Lancashire, where the standard of care for the flock is exceptional. It is labelled with the Tweed Valley Yarn brand as the fleece was not from my own flock.

It is a sturdy yarn that will stand up to a lot of wear, spun using a semi worsted process, it is a yarn with no stretch in it, making it the perfect choice for stitch definition.

There is approximately 300 metres per 100g yarn

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